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Mardi Gras Outreach 2016

“O Jerusalem, O Jerusalem!” Matthew 23:37

That verse kept coming to mind this past weekend as I stared at the faces of those in a midst of a literal sea of lost souls this past weekend.

  “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it! How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing!


I thought to myself if they only knew what awaits them or what a Savior has come to deliver them from their sins? If they only could see how much God loves them as to send Christ to suffer and die for them. But many wanted nothing of grace. They gnashed their teeth mocking and hating the Word and the preacher often.

In Jackson Square,  I remember vividly seeing this young man with face paint on charge at us and yell, “Hail Satan!” At the same place, some young girl lifted her shirt toward us and called us faggots for covering our eyes. Soon after, a powder keg seemed to have erupted when one preacher mentioned abortion.  It struck the nerve of one couple who cursed and yelled enough to have the police arrive. My guess is that the two had killed their child through abortion and the guilt had manifested itself.

Later that night our team of around 150 – 200 soul winners marched onto Bourbon Street singing unto the Lord prepared for battle. As we sung, screams could be heard echoing down the street that made us think of demons screeching. Looking up though, it was just two men pretending to have sex moaning and laughing as we passed by.

Into the night, the crowds increased and the atmosphere worsened.  I stood off to myself praying and taking in all that I was seeing. Thinking of Jesus weeping. These are His created beings that were made by Him and for Him. He promises everything that we get that is good, yet they as my pastor notes, “Sits in the lap of God and slaps Him in the face.”

20160206_225217On the ground was an endless litter of broken bottles, trash, human waste, and gospel literature. Before me was a few girls enjoying the attention of perverted men who traded beads for moments of lust with them.  On a nearby box sat half emptied containers of beer and liquor. To my utter disgust, I watched a few people come and empty them into other containers and walk off drinking them.

There were moments that left us with knowing God was remaining faithful to gather His sheep. Even though many came here not looking for God, He found them.

As with Saul on the road to Damascus. He was not looking for Jesus, but to kill and imprison those who followed Him. Christ interrupted Saul and the rest is history.

God was working in the midst of the darkness. Ryan was the man who yelled ,”Hail Satan!” He tried to walk off after but I caught his attention and we talked. He apologized and said he was just being silly.

As with so many I encounter, Ryan had a knowledge of God’s existence, but no true knowledge of who God truly is.  Ryan told me that he was from Seattle and had hitchhiked and rode train cars to get here. “I am here to get drunk and have sex with as many random woman as I can!” He boasted. That terrified me as I would learn that he also is infected not with just liver cancer, but Hepatitis.


Ryan speaking with some others on our team

It broke my heart to hear his story and understand that if he dies in his sin, hell for all eternity awaited him.  I gave him a hug before he walked off and he was okay with that, but when I began to pray for him, he mumbled, “Please don’t.”

The girl flashing us and the couple going irate were used by God as well. The commotion drew a crowd and more opportunity to talk to those standing nearby. A homosexual girl stood next to me watching. In the same manner I engaged her in conversation. There were some turn or preachers that we were not associated with us down the way yelling how much God hates homosexual people and she asked if I love gay people. I replied, “I love liars, thieves, murderers, gay people, etc.”  She asked my view point on gay people and I pointed to the bible. How it was sin, that God tells her to turn from her sin, but that He also sent Jesus to die for not just liars and thieves, but homosexuals too. She just shook her head and walked off.

Going to Mardi Gras is not a mission field for everyone. Honestly I could not wait to return home to love on my wife and kids. To breath fresh air and “shine my armor” you could say by spending time alone with God and His word. .To worship with my home church. But now, I am looking forward to next year and seeing the souls the Lord will give me to speak of His great name.

I hope to encourage you my friends that while Mardi Gras may not be for you, tell your friends, co-workers, neighbor’s, everyone you meet about Christ. Don’t live this life having never told others how Christ found you when you weren’t looking and what He did.

Consider that in heaven when you stand before God. If there is anything you could bring to Him to offer as a gift of gratitude, what better gift than to stand humbly before God and point to a multitude of souls behind you and say, “I did as You commanded, these are the souls I told about You.”

Light the darkness saints, make Christ famous to all.


A few videos of this weekend.

Video 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEp0Vd8IQZw&feature=youtu.be&a

Video 2- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUxKiAxQGC8&feature=youtu.be&a








“Thank you for evangelizing”

Dear friends,

I find it a joy to share with each of you the great opportunities the Lord has provided me recently here in Montgomery Alabama to be able to share the glories of God with so many. The thought that the Lord allows me to speak His name and present Christ to others is indeed very humbling and a great delight to me. The task of preaching the gospel is something that I have found has no equal and brings me so much joy. I beg you that concerning the opportunities that I have that you would pray that they would increase as well as a compassion and zeal for the lost, not just in my life but of those of my family, the church entirely, and the dear friends that I labor beside. So allow me to share the opportunities given to me and prayerfully offer some encouragement to each of you to be bold witnesses and make much of Christ to those around you.

During the summer, the city of Montgomery began to hold festivals every second Saturday. Most of them got rained out, but the ones that stayed dry were a great place to witness. One second Saturday was very special to me. My youngest son was able to follow in the step of the rest of my children who go and witness with me at times.  I encourage you to involve your family in evangelism. Not just in witnessing at events, but where ever you go, give your kids a tract, read it to them and have them go and pass them out (close to you of course).

Most recently though this past Saturday I was just excited at the opportunity in my city to find a new and fertile ground where I will be able to plow the seeds of the gospel at. I had originally planned to go to the recently renovated football stadium in town, Cramton Bowl and witness as I had the week before at a local high school game. However had made a very good mistake as I see now and read an event calendar incorrectly and found out that there were no games this weekend. So I looked up Huntingdon College and saw that they were having a football game. I loaded up some tracts and arrived there about one and half hours before kickoff. The college is not a big as many others schools with football teams that I have witnessed at, but none the less, many people were there and if people are breathing they are in need Jesus!

So I found a good spot to open air preach and did just that. As I preached, I looked at those looking back and prayed for them that God would inflict His undeniable grace upon them and save them. Shortly however after I began to preach, a police officer showed up and asked me to move down the other way because someone had complained. I looked at where he was asking me to go and noticed that there were not many people down that way. So very politely and respectfully, I discussed with the officer my stance for being there and why I should be allowed to stay at the location I was at. The officer responded with kindness and respect and called his supervisor. I asked him if it was okay if I continued while his supervisor responded and he gave the okay for me to do so. So I continued as before, telling people about  what the scriptures say concerning God and the condition of their souls.

Finally his supervisor shows up and I was allowed to continue without incident. The officer only asked one thing of me though. If I would give him one of my tracts for his supervisor. To the glory of God I gave him one. Indeed I gave him one to glory to God!

I continued for some time reading God’s word aloud and passing out gospel tracts. Some great encouragement came to me from a lady who walked by and thanked me for evangelizing as well others who took a tract with delight. I left that day very encouraged and with a longing for the next opportunity to share His gospel with others at this location.

The Lord has also blessed me when I was asked to step in for one of my lay pastors at church a few nights this past month and speak at a local homeless shelter. The shelter is full of not just men, but women and children. There are some that live there and some that just come for a meal. The kids are a joy and very polite. I understand why Jesus loved it when children flocked to Him. They teach us so much, even in circumstances that we see as tough. This past Thursday when I was there, a child approached me and asked if I would be back the next day, for he wanted to sing a song about Jesus before I preached and then a young lady probed me for for answers for a bible study she was doing. When I first began going here I was really nervous, but returning has been something that I look forward to. The people seem so genuine and show so much thankfulness to be able to sit and hear the gospel preached. Please pray diligently for those at this shelter and the opportunity that I may have to continue ministering there once a month in the future.

I have been trying as well to keep a presence downtown and to be diligent when it comes to witnessing on a regular basis there. Each Wednesday at noon, I have had the joy of reading scripture aloud as part of Project Ezra aloud and sharing the gospel across from our court-square fountain. Many hear the gospel on this day and afterwards I will walk around and pass out tracts and speak to those that I can.

Some very encouraging news from being able to do this comes a few weeks ago when a young lady approached me and thanked me for what I was doing each week. She had worked in a nearby building and seen me a few times. I was very encouraged by her words and thanked her back. I then began to speak to her about her own salvation and it came to be that she had sin in her life and was struggling with some things. I was able to witness to her and encourage her as well to put God first and to trust Him above everything else. A few days after I met this lady, I saw the daughter of a close friend at the supermarket. She told me about a young girl that she works with that she has been trying to witness to that approached her a few days before and told her about a speaking with the guy who preaches in the court-square! My friend was delighted at the opportunity and we both knew that God was and is working in this young ladies heart. My friend’s daughter has since told me that they have met for lunch and continue to talk. Please keep this young lady that I will call “Mandy” in your prayers, as well as all who hears His word.

Another opportunity that I desire to share with you is that my pastor and I are teaching the Way of the Master Basic Training Course to a great group at my church that encourages me. We are heading toward our third week in the class and I petition you once again to consider praying for those in my class. That God would raise up faithful laborers that are bold!

My dear friends, writing these things down are a joy to me, because I get to remember not just the precious souls that I have encountered in the past weeks, but I am reminded of His goodness and His grace that he bestows not just in me, but all of us. How precious and sweet are His ways. The joy that he allows us to do, not for our glory but all for His alone! Oh the gratitude we all should show Him!

In the coming months, I have many more opportunities in mind. My heart has been pricked to go back out to one of the local college campuses that I hear are loaded with militant type atheists who need the gospel given to them, as well as many local football games where countless people gather. We have around four colleges in town that have in recent months opened or prepare to open new stadiums. This to me means people gathering and people who too need to hear the gospel of Christ. While your prayers are something that I covet greatly and am encouraged to know that many of you do pray for me, I ask that you would consider partnering with me locally to take the gospel to my city. Since the Lord has placed the desire in my heart to share my faith, I have been able to distribute way over 20,000 gospel tracts. Gospel tracts are a vital part of what I do here and are always in need. So again, please pray and consider partnering with us to supply gospel tracts and bibles for our outreaches. It is always greatly appreciated my friends. Any donations that you make can be done at my website  www.EvangelizeYourCity.org , just click on the Paypal donation link.  Again, thank you.

Lastly, I will be heading to court on October 11th for a status hearing and on the 23rd for trial stemming from my arrest last June for walking on the lawn of the local abortion clinic after they continued to spray my friend Jeshua Screws and I with a water sprinkler. We had filed a motion to dismiss with the city for lack of a speedy trial, but the city has denied our motion. Please pray that not only would we be found innocent, but that the terrible acts of abortion will come to light through this case and that God would shut its doors for good and indeed save the souls of all involved.

I hope as well that you have been encouraged to share your faith boldly with others around you by these opportunities I have mentioned above that God has given to me. Indeed God is the one who saves. Salvation is the work of God. It is He alone who quickens the soul. Jonah 2:9. He is the one who deserves all the glory and credit. We are just the means by which He chooses to take His gospel of grace through Christ alone to the ears of countless souls then, He takes it from there to the heart of the sinners.  All glory to God alone!  Please do not hesitate to write or comment. Any reply is an encouragement. Thank you friends.

May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward for His suffering!

David Day


Open Air On A Navy War Ship

Here is a testimony of Ps2(SW) Travis M. Bshipirkhead . He is in the United States Navy stationed on the USS Dwight D Eisenhower (CVN-69) . If you ever tried to share your faith but something always came up or happened. This story with encourage you.

Travis Reads….
I’m in the Military (Navy) and we got underway for deployment on 3 Oct 2007. Well, that was just the beginning of a great adventure. I despised having to leave my pregnant wife behind and go out to the middle of the Ocean for 8 months at a time, but I end this deployment praising God that I was here. At the beginning of the cruise I started writing a book on evangelism because I was convinced the church just needed to be set on fire. I wasn’t trying to write a “how to manual” as much as I wanted to just get people involved and let them figure it out as they try. I have been doing street evangelism since i was 16 years old and I had found the Roman road worked fine to lead sinners to Christ. However, I found out from reading Way of the Master exactly why I had so many still borns on my hands.

Well, back to the Navy. I was trying to write this book and a friend of mine happens to be reading “an excellent book” that he recomends that I read too. So, I read it and everything that I wanted to do by setting people on fire was right there in that book. So, I stopped writing my book and started reading more and more of Ray’s books. We ordered Season 1 and 2 of the TV series for Way of the Master and watched them. We ordered several tracts and started passing them out and using the Law to bring the conviction of sin. Finally, we started teaching a class in the Chapel on Friday nights for Evangelism. We use the videos from the TV Series as the platform for teaching the class. Well, we (when I say “we”, I mean me and the friend that gave me the book) had a strong conviction that we weren’t reaching enough people.

There are 6,000 people onboard and we (the entire class) had barely spoken to 600 people in the few months since stating the class. There were just too many people transferring and seperating without hearing the Gospel. Something drastic needed to be done. I got online and ordered Ray’s book “springboards for budding preachers /open air preaching” And i enrolled in the online school. When the book got here I realized that it had a DVD counterpart. So, I ordered the DVD (takes a littler over 3 weeks for any shipment to get here and sometimes longer). So, while we are waiting, we are becoming more and more upset about the urgency of how people need to hear the good news. While we are waiting we start devicing our own plans for how to draw a crowd of people. We decided that we would get a guitar and play some music on the mess decks during the evening while eveyrone else is out there playing board games and cards. So, we get together and practice our music and I put together a sermon for preaching. Here is where things start to get exciting because Satan started trying to interfere and God always made the work of Satan a magnificent thing. Allow me to explain.

The night before we go into the messdecks the “G” string of the guitar broke. So, we start to figure out how to improvise. It’s not like there is a guitar store out here in the Persian gulf that we can just pull alongside of and buy more strings. So, what did we do? We got another cord (not sure what kind of cord) and just tightened it up until it was in tune with the “G”. That same day when the string broke, we had an UNREP (bringing on supplies) so we got a huge shipment of mail. My DVD had arrived and I watched the entire thing in one sitting (all 4 episodes). I was ready and so were the other three guys with me.

The Next day the heat is on and the anticipation is high because none of us have done Open Air preaching yet. The night was upon us and we went to a quiet catwalk to pray. We prayed and then headed to the AFT messdecks. (The aft messdecks is where everyone gathers to play games and hang out). Well, the master-at-arms tells everyone to leave because they are closing the bay for training. WHAT A LET DOWN!!! So, we asked them if the FORWARD messdecks would be open. They said to talk to the Master-at-Arms in the forward mess. So, we walk up there and a Movie is playing in the forward mess, what a huge distraction. We ask the Master at arms if we can play some music and speak for a few minutes. He said, “Yeah, and if you want you can unplug the TV because the movie is about 2 minutes from being over.” AWESOME! The difference between the dynamics of the forward mess and the AFT mess is, the people that are in the forward mess are still eating. There is typically eating going on at that time in the forward mess while games are going on in the AFT mess. So, we already have an audience of about 250 people just sitting down eating chow! (Isn’t God good). We unplugged the TV and decided to start in the Natural with some music. We had played for our shipmates and right in the middle of the second song one of the Master-at-Arms tells me they are closing the bay in 10 minutes…SO, we stopped singing after that song and I started preaching. Satan obviously didn’t want me to preach so he sent a 1st class my way to tell me to shut up and leave. You see, my rank is Second Class Petty Officer and the man that told me to be quiet was a First Class Petty Officer (one rank higher than me). This man had authority over me, but I had the authority of God. So, I said to him, “I’m only here because I care about these people, I’m not mad, but rather I love them.” He said, “They are eating and you are distracting them” I replied, “That TV distracts me everyday when I’m eating, but I don’t get mad or complain or try to turn off the TV” He didn’t care, “You need to stop speaking” So, being in God’s authority I told him, “You need to speak with Chaplain Potter because as far as I’m concerned, he said this wouldn’t be a problem as long as the Master-At-Arms [those in charge of that space] didn’t care. (the Chaplain is an officer and out ranks the first class… I appealed to higher authority). So, this persistent heckler decides to get the crowd involved which was perfect. He said, “No one wants to hear you.

DOES ANYONE WANT TO HEAR HIM SPEAK” A guy sitting close by, “It doesn’t matter he has a right to speak” A girl in the back, “LET HIM SPEAK”I didn’t know any of these people, but they all wanted me to finish. I had already laid the Law on their hearts and was about to go into the message of the Cross when the 1st class had tried to stop me. Some of these people were convicted of sin and were waiting for the answer, so they spoke up and put that messenger of satan to shame. So, after the entire crowd rejected him, he just walked away embarrased. I didn’t have to do anything because he embarrased himself.I finished the gospel and we passed out tracts and spoke with people one on one. After it was all done, I found out that one of the guys in the mess decks went to the food Service Officer (the one guy that would have been able to say leave and I would have had to pack up and leave without another word because of his authority and responsibility over all in charge of the food operations and spaces).But thanks be to God.

My job in the Navy is to do pay. I have done the FSO’s pay personally for over a year. He knows me by face and speaks to me all the time always asking about his pay and always satisfied with the service I give to him. The Food Service Officer told the guy to get out of his office and not to talk to him anymore. He said to the guy, “If you have a problem speak to the Master-At-Arms” So, the indignant eater went to one of the many Master-at-Arms and complained. It just happened that the one he went to to complain was a girl in our Evangelism class. She just blew him off! And the rest of the night was a success story.

The message in this story is: Trust in God. Satan tried four times to keep us down; a bad guitar string, mess decks closing down, a hasty 1st class, and an indignant person eating their food. But in it all, the events created a crowd many times larger than what we could have hoped for if we would have followed our plans and without demonic interferance. We hoped to draw a crowd of 20 or 30 people, but we ended up speaking to a crowd of about 250 people. God is good and he works all things for the good of those who love him. Have courage and go preach the Good news.

PS2(SW) Birkhead, Travis M USS Dwight D Eisenhower (CVN-69)