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Make it your business to win souls!

This morning I sat on my front porch looking as my neighbors came out of their homes. Some were caring for their lawns, some heading to work, and some just sitting on the porch as I was. My neighbors are nice and don’t cause any trouble. If anyone is were considered the weird neighbor on my block, I gladly take credit for it. But I thought of my neighbors and what would happen if they died. From what I know about them, I think it would indeed be hell. Sad isn’t it? Not sad that they would be simply in hell for eternity, but that just I knowing the possibility of such a fate for them, I remained sitting on my porch with a dry eye. As I am guilty of allowing my own selfishness and pride in this area of disobedience to God, I pray He would change me in this area. While I love opportunities to make much of Christ through the sharing of His gospel, and by no way I am making an excuse, this area of witnessing to those who are close to me is an area that is a struggle.

Maybe you are not much different. Maybe you too struggle with talking with those around you about Christ or maybe you struggle with talking to everyone about Him.But laying all fears and lack of confidence aside, consider yourself and those around you. Consider your neighbors. Some maybe you have talked with, your kids play with their kids. Consider their souls!

Think of their souls! Think of the torment they will endure without Christ! Would you sit by if you saw armed men breaking into their house as they sleep in the night or would you with great haste notify the police and try to warn them? What man would just sit by as that occurred? Cowards I must say, men with no backbone! Harsh words indeed but is there just an once of truth in them?

Charles Spurgeon said that, “The winning of souls should be the chief business and main pursuit of every true believer.”  To win souls is what we should be our aim!  Not the corporate ladder to increase our portfolios. Not to be simply liked by others for our stature or abilities,but to win souls!  Proverbs 11:30 tell is as well that, “He that wins souls is wise.”

It should be done not from guilt telling ourselves that, “I must do this simply because this is my duty.” But from the example of Christ. What we need is a garden experience as Christ had. “Not my will but yours.” Luke 22:42 As Christ so willingly was ready to give His life to do the will of His father, so should everyone who say they follow Him!

As Christ cared greatly to see sinners saved, we should be imitators of Him. Ephesians 5:1.

The excuse of not knowing what to say comes from our poor judgment of priorities and laziness! We study with great diligence when it comes to preparing essays for school or reports for our employer or when it comes to remembering those football scores, if we would have the same enthusiasm when it comes to memorization of scripture and the learning to win souls!

Moses and Jeremiah both complained as men often do when given a task that seems so far beyond their knowledge. “Who am I.” ~ “I am just a kid.” ~ “I can’t speak” God’s reply to them is the same for you and I. “I have put my words in your mouth” Jeremiah 1:9. God will give words as we show obedience to His Great Commission. He will be with us. Indeed we should show ourselves approved and use God’s word to open the eyes of the sinner and speak of the full meal of the gospel, but ultimately, salvation is a work of God alone.
2 Timothy 2:15, Jonah 2:9

We are just the means by which God uses to take His lifesaving gospel to the ear of sinners and He then takes it from there to their hearts.

Again my friends, Show gratitude that you have escaped a darkness with no end, that Christ stands between you and the God’s bow. That Christ is your Redeemer and has swallowed all the wrath you deserve for your for your crimes against God upon Himself.  Show gratitude by making it your chief business and main pursuit to glorify God by the winning of souls!

May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward for His suffering,

David Day