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My Life or My Babies Life ~ Whose life is more important?

A father sits on the edge of his bed with his hands in his face weeping. In the background he can hear his wife sobbing in the next room. A week before his wife and he were a normal happy family of a beautiful 5 year old son till a tragic accident in a friends pool took the life of their little boy.

The father weeps. His mind is on little buddy. He recalls playing in the yard with him, wrestling in the living room, and seeing his big grin when he would bring a treat or gift home after work. The father goes into the next room and consoles his wife and tells her that all will be well as she buries her head in his shoulder.

The fathers mind is not on all the money he is going to save from not having to pay for college or having to buy a car for him. He doesn’t think about how much money he will save by not having to buy Christmas or birthday gifts. The thought of having to deal with hormones and attitudes as he grows doesn’t cross his mind either. All he is thinking about is his little boy and how he wished he had him back. That if he could, he would give his life for his own child.

This crossed my mind a few weeks back as I stood at the abortion facility here in Montgomery. Thousands of children are killed each year from abortion at this one facility and the number one reason is not rape or the health of the mom. It is the life of the mom. Nearly everyone that I have encountered that has come there has told me the reason for getting the abortion was simply, “It is just not a good time for me right now.” In other words, “My life is more important than the life of my baby.”

To some I know this sounds harsh, but as a parent and thinking of my own mom, parents give their life for their kids, kids do not give their life for their parents.

I recall very vividly my mom who would eat after my sisters and I had eaten to make sure we all had enough.  How she worked late into the night and how my sister and I would tag along and sit in a booth coloring at the restaurant she managed.  My mom showed me that parents give their life for their kids. She could have given us up, but persevered with a little help and raised us well the best she knew how.

This is what parents do. They do life on life with their kids. They mend wounds and heal hearts.  Again, what we do not do is kill our kids, we give our life for them.

I would say to anyone considering abortion. Do you believe John 3:16?

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

If you do, then believe all that God says.

“Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward. Psalm 127:3

 “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalm 139:13,14

“Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.” Psalm 139:16

“In whose hand is the life of every living thing, And the breath of all mankind?”  Job 12:10

Believe all I said above and then believe…

There are six things which the LORD hates, Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him: Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, And hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that run rapidly to evil. Proverbs 6:16-18

“‘Cursed be anyone who takes a bribe to shed innocent blood.’ And all the people shall say, ‘Amen.’ Deuteronomy 27:25

“I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore choose life, that you and your offspring may live” Deuteronomy 30:19

“You shall not murder” Exodus 20:13

Believe and trust in Christ to save you from your sins.

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Romans 6:23

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

Love Christ and trust Him to take care of you and your baby. If you are in need of help, please let us know. EmailDavid@SoThatAllMayKnowHim.org

Or call 1800-712- HELP  http://www.optionline.org/

Love you my friend,


Sixty-Four Lives ~ More Than a Pile of Stones

Looking at a pile of pebbles and all one may see is well, a pile of pebbles. But these small stones pictured are a reminder. The first week of November of this year, I picked up one of these stones outside the abortion clinic as a reminder of the child that lost their life at that day. As each week passed, I collected pebble after pebble as abortion day came and went. On Tuesday November 25, two days before Thanksgiving, I gathered 12 small stones and placed them along with others that I had collected throughout the month. In all, I had gathered 64 stones. There is nothing special about these stones in themselves, they are just rocks. But they are something that is tangible. They represent a life, 64 lives to be exact. IMG_1022

Another note that I realized as I had placed them all together. That while their parents may have done the unthinkable, that everyone of their parents when they arrived that day to end the life of their baby, they heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. They along with their spouse, friend, etc. and every person who worked at that clinic that day. They may not have responded as I or many of us would have liked, but they will never say they have not heard. There will never say they their ears have not been sweetened with the power of God unto salvation. Romans 1:16

“Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.” Psalm 82:3

Please check out and watch both www.180Movie.com then www.BabiesAreMurderedHere.com and get involved somewhere in your city sharing life, but mostly importantly, the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you,



The relation between my over grown yard and the killing of children through abortion

On Monday I arrived at Reproductive Health Services in Montgomery Alabama to a sight that brought me dread. Situated across the street from the abortion clinic rest a field that is often used by pro-lifers who come, but this morning there was no place to park. The small area had been taken up by those seeking an abortion. I counted around seven vehicles, three parked near the entrance that blocked me from entering and four parked along side of the road. However located across the street next to the clinic, rest another parking area that is reserved and owned by the local Downtown YMCA. We are not permitted to park there and do not, but those seeking an abortion will quite often ignore that rule and do so anyway.

Today seemed to be no exception. The clinic has their own parking lot that runs along the other side and rear of the building as well. That parking lot was full with cars even double parking to make room.

My friend Allen, who was with me, estimated around twenty–two vehicles of those coming to the clinic on this day. While the number of vehicles does not necessary mean that, that many are seeking an abortion, the number is usually not far off. In fact, I have seen many young women simply dropped off and go in all alone. But even if one lady came this  for an abortion, the cause would not be any less important or diminished if a hundred went in there to take the life of a child.
Now let me continue to paint a picture of the events that followed. After I found a place to park down the street, I stood outside and attempted to talk to those who were coming and going. One opportunity that I had was with a young man who had walked across the street to a nearby filling station. He stood on the small porch in the front of the clinic eating a bag of chips and drinking a soda. I spoke to him about being a father. That he was already a dad, even though he could not see or hold his son or daughter. I mentioned to him how great and precious life was and that in only twenty-one days after conception, a child has a heartbeat. That his child’s heart was beating. I tried to make his child as real as he or she truly was and that they were not just tissue or a clump of cells, but his child. I asked him what he thought would happen if he died today. I told him who God was. I explained how sin has separated all men from Him. That while He is most certainly good and loving and very forgiving.  He is also just and will not just simply forgive sin, that the wages of sin was death.( Romans 6:23) I elaborated a bit more on sin and told Him of Christ, which is what the young man truly needed. I don’t believe people come to an abortion clinic because they are simply seeking an abortion, but that they come because they do not fear God, they do not know Him, they are not trusting in Christ. The man never replied or uttered one word. He just continued to consume his soda and chips and later went back inside the clinic.

Sometime later he would exit with a young lady holding a small brown bag, which for us indicates that they have had an abortion. My head just dropped. I told them both that I hoped that they never returned to this place and to put God first, before all things and to trust Him and to turn to Christ.
He was not the only one the Lord enabled my friend Allen or me to speak to. As time progressed, couple after couple exited the clinic with brown bag in hand. One very thing about all these women who exited was their expression, one of shame and sadness. One young lady exited and curled her pullover toward her as to hug herself. The man she was with then put his arm around her.
The ones who exited before I had to leave, will be etched in my mind for times to come. A young couple who looked no older than sixteen years of age, brought there by, I assume the girls parents. Her mother looked at me as she exited and had been crying. She spoke nothing, but her expression said a thousand words. I believe she knew without question that she had just allowed her grandchild to be killed.

Time seemed to pass quickly. Before I knew it, it was nearly twelve o’clock. I had been there over three hours and many of the people had come and gone.  Before I left, a lawn service drove up and parked in the parking lot that belonged to the YMCA.  One of the workers came up to me and asked what I was doing as I was holding a sign. I explained to him the circumstances for me being there and was able to give him and his crew each a gospel tract.  Later on the same co-worker approached me and asked me a few more questions concerning the clinic and other things.  Through me being there that day and being able to talk with him, I was able to share the law and gospel with him and encourage him to turn from his sin and trust in Christ only for his salvation.

Now you may be asking, how does this all have to do with my over grown yard and abortion.      

Sometime ago my lawnmower would not start.  I made a good attempt to repair it myself, only to take it apart and forget how to put it together.  If you know me personally, this may be of no surprise to you.

Well after time, my yard began to grow. And grow some more.  My son would borrow a friends mower from time to time, but not often enough.  The result was a shabby ugly under-kept yard.  My wife and I would talk about our lawn. My neighbors did to.  Every time I came home from work or elsewhere, it was my lawn that I saw first and I kept telling myself, that I needed to do something.  But no matter how much I complained or talked about my yard. No matter if I prayed about it, my yard still remained a problem.  What it needed was action.

The issue that plagues not only Montgomery Alabama but this entire country and beyond is ABORTION.  It is without a doubt the worst thing that we as not just Christians but human beings allow.  We allow the legalized slaughter of our own race.  It is done for simple convenience the majority of the time.  I know many who would consider themselves PRO-LIFE and are totally against abortion.  I know many that  pray regularly for the slaughter to end and I agree with prayer, and that it is greatly needed and think that it is often neglected.

But simply being PRO-LIFE is not enough.  Simply talking about it, praying about it, complaining about, while all have their place, is not enough.  Like me complaining about my lawn. I can do all the said things above, but the grass still grows. I can do the same in turn for abortion, but the killing persist.  What needs to take place is action. People on the front lines. People gathering in front of clinics speaking in love to these ladies who are seeking an abortion. People boldly sharing the gospel with them. Because, as I previously said,  people do not come to an abortion clinic because they are seeking an abortion, they come because they need Christ.

A good friend Brian once noted along these lines to me. “How come, with so many churches in this city are there not more people out here? If one person from each church came and just stood, how great that would be!”  How true are those words!  Why do we allow such things to take place in our midst?

Gregg Cunningham, the Executive Director of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform said what I think is many the case. “Those who consider themselves to be PRO-LIFE do just enough to ease their conscience, but not enough to stop the killing.”  Ask yourself if this is true with you?    Is it as well that we are just to busy, or just plain lazy or just do not care?

As my pastor said this past week speaking of the reason so few share their faith, “Is it that we have forgotten how good the good news is?”   Have we forgotten how good the gospel truly is?  That the gospel really has the power to save?  If anything, an abortion clinic is an opportunity to share the glories of our great God to a lost world.

I know I ended this note hard and to some with come across and arrogant or judgmental.  I fully understand that not everyone has the ability to come to a clinic and stand. There have been weeks when I have been unable to go.  But just as we make plans for ball games, church picnics, doctor appointments,etc., make time, if not once a month to stand for life at a clinic.  Pray for God to give you not just a passion for the lost, but for the unborn.

Please take time soon, to check out www.180MOVIE.com.  It is a short film. Thirty three minutes long. I pray it helps stir fire in you for this cause. A great resource that I think should be required reading for anyone who stands at a clinic is , “The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture.” Written by Scott Klusendorf.

Light the darkness,

David Day


“I will kill it now or kill it when it comes out”

“I will kill it now or kill it when it comes out.”  Those words aren’t words from some Hollywood horror film, but the words of a mother speaking  of her unborn child.

A few days ago, I sat listening to a co-worker talk about her children and mentioned that one of them was employed with a medical waste disposal company known as Stericycle.  If you have ever wondered what happens to the millions of babies murdered each year through abortion, this is the company that picks up and transports those remains to one of the numerous incinerators located throughout the country.   When I heard my co-worker mention that her son worked at Stericycle, asked her about where was the company located locally and wondered about her sons duties there.  I then proceeded to tell her the awful truth about Stericycle and its history with the murder of millions of  innocent children.

Her response was not one that was expected. Assuming it would be one of shock and surprise, it was a simple and confident ,”Oh, I know.” She was fully aware of the relationship between the two and seemed to show no disgrace of any kind that her son works for such a company.

I mentioned to her that the “waste” as it is called are babies but she insisted that it was not.  That it was just tissue. I argued peacefully that it was not tissue but a baby, telling her that after only 21 days after that child is conceived, that child has a heartbeat. She still insisted it was only tissue.

We spoke back and forth for a few seconds about abortion, mainly me telling her how cruel it was and that millions of babies are murdered through abortion each year.

I assume that after what she told me next, that some time in her life she may have worked at an abortion clinic. She told me that she used to have to sign and approve for women to have abortions and made a disturbing comment from a mother who she met once seeking to take the life of her child.

“I will kill it now or kill it when it comes out!”  

My jaw dropped in disbelief.  How could a mother even say such a thing. How could the very one who is suppose to be a child’s caregiver be so heartless and evil as to demand the killing of her own child that rest within her?  Imagine, if that precious child could have understood the hate of  its mother. Our conversation ended between us as she was called away to complete a previous task..

During the Second World War, Adolf  Hitler murdered 6 million Jews -men , women, and children.  He ripped them of all their rights, took everything they had, straight down to their hair, gold teeth, to their lives.  He cramped them in concentration and labor camps in conditions as one American Solider stated after the camps had been liberated, was filled with “sights, sounds, and stenches horrible beyond belief, cruelties so enormous as to be incomprehensible to the normal mind.”

As cruel and horrible as the acts committed by the Nazis, an act that may be greater was committed by the German people. They allowed it.  Many stood by and did nothing.  After the war was over and the camps were liberated, the American soldiers made those living near the camps to go inside an

d gaze upon the horrors that had taken place right in their back yard.  Many walked in smiling as can been seen by film and pictures, but only to exit in shame and despair knowing what they had allowed.

Abortion is in no other term murder. It is taking the life of another. A life that is created by God. “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart” (Jeremiah 1:5).   Knowing that such things are taking place and taking no action is depraved indifference meaning a “callous disregard for human life.”

 In my city alone, there were over 852 abortions done at Reproductive Health Services in 2012. This building rest next to the Montgomery Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), as well as the headquarters for a AME Zion Church.   It is surround by other ministries and just blocks from one of the cities largest churches and the Governors Mansion.  Many days I have seen the governor drive by, seen hundreds run or walk coming from the YMCA.  Church vans, school buses,etc and many others drive by every day not knowing the atrocities taking place within our city, or like the neighbors to the Jewish camp, just turning a blind eye.   

I want you to know, if you read this.  That this issue with abortion is not about being Pro-life, it is not a Catholic or Baptist issue. It is not a  Methodist issue or any denominational issue.  It is a gospel issue.  People are sinners. Our hearts are wicked and can’t be trusted. (Jeremiah 17:9) We are told to trust Him with all of our hearts, soul, mind, and strength.( Luke 10:27 )  If we are are truly trusting Him in that matter, then we would not be seeking abortions or being complacent to the fact that they are happening right in our back yard.

  For more on Stericycle, visit www.StopStericycle.com and 180Movie.com to learn more about Hitler and his ties with abortion.     Lastly, yours or my views on abortion do not weigh against that of the Creator, God Almighty.  His thoughts on abortion is very clear to us in the bible.

“Even before I was born, God had chosen me to be His” (Galatians 1:15).

“For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb . . . Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be” (Psalm 139:13, 16). “Your hands shaped me and made me . . . Did You not clothe me with skin and flesh and knit me together with bones and sinews? You gave me life” (Job 10:8–12).

“This is what the Lord says—He who made you, who formed you in the womb” (Isaiah 44:2).

“Did not He who made me in the womb make them? Did not the same One form us both within our mothers?” (Job 31:15).

“In His hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of every human being” (Job 12:10).

“Children are a gift from God” (Psalm 127:3)

“You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13).

“He didn’t kill me in the womb, with my mother as my grave” (Jeremiah 20:17)