Create your own gospel/abortion tract

Year ago I came across an evangelism tool offered by Living Waters Publications, aka “The Way of the Master,” where you could design your own gospel tract and print it out. This was just one of the many tools that they offered to help you share your faith.

I have not thought about this tool for sometime till recently I started running out of the brochures given to me to hand out by First Choice, which is just one of three crisis pregnancy centers that offer help to mother’s. Remembering this great tool by Living Waters, I decided to make one that has some contact info for the three CPC’s locally as well as a short message. I plan to give this to them as well as a gospel tract with a bit more meat and concise message.

I just wanted to share this so that anyone who laborers outside an abortion mill can put together a simple and efficient info card to give to those they may encounter outside the abortion facilities.  It might take some effort to figure out in Word or what other software you may use, but it is worth the try.

The link to download the Make Your Own Tract from Living Waters Publications is ”

The tract I created looks like this, but be creative and add what fits your ministry.



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