On his way to rob someone until…

gospel“This book was what I needed!”

Glory to God for His work in drawing men to Himself! John 6:4

Yesterday outside the abortion mill, a young man was walking by and I met him halfway and handed him a little gospel of John.
We spoke for a bit about its contents, noting that Jesus was God and what an amazing thing He did for us on the cross. Not why we were good either, but why we were sinners rebelling against God, that it was then that Jesus died for us.
Sharing the whole gospel with him, he said he already knew Jesus and soon was on his way.

Moments later he returns walking down the sidewalk with his head down reading John’s gospel. I engaged him in another conversation and he says to me, “This book was what I needed!”   As I elaborated a little more with him about God’s word, a mother walks up and the pro-aborts go into a  frenzy with a fellow laborer that was with me and my focus was misplaced. When the smoke had settled, Terrance was off walking down the street still reading with his head down.

Later on in the day, a friend that I had met on the sidewalk in front of the abortion facility too, walked up and tells a God glorifying story on how God pursues after us.

With much excitement in his voice, he goes on to tell me that he had seen Terrance earlier in the day reading the gospel up the street and knew where he got it when he saw it. The two began a conversation and Terrance went on to tell him how this book saved him, that he could be in prison as he was on his way to rob someone when it was given to him. My friend was amazed at how God was working and realized also how God had worked in his life so many times.

Praise Jesus! I am reminded of Saul on the way to Damascus to arrest believers. God is not blind to the plans of men and met Saul when he wasn’t looking for Him. He saved Saul and made him the greatest missionary the Church has known. God did this, all of it! Salvation is indeed the Lord’s. Glory to Him.

Please pray for Terrance & my friend Edward.

Consider too my friends, the world is our mission field. Not just in front of abortion facilities, homeless camps, street corners, or far away lands. Our mission field is everywhere and they is so many to tell about Jesus!
Go and share JESUS with the world and expect Him to save sinners as He glorifies Himself. AMEN

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