Arrested at local abortion mill in Montgmery Alabama

On Wednesday June 22, 2011, Jeshua Screws, the Chaplin for the Constitutional Party of Alabama and I were arrested and charged with Criminal Trespass 3, when we avoided being sprayed with a water sprinkler at Reproductive Health Services by walking around the sprinkler onto their property.

Four police cars showed up to deal with us, the entire time, blocking the entrance. (AMEN)  We were questioned and told we were breaking the law and the owner of the clinic issued a warrant for our arrest.  We were taken downtown to the Montgomery City Jail and finger printed, stripped searched, and placed in population for about 4 hours until we were able to make bail.

The conditions in jail were nothing less than I expected. It was jail a place for those who break the law.  The air was stagnant, one toilet and shower for over twenty guys. No cold water to drink. The sink only had hot water which was OK when most people in the world don’t have running hot water.  The inmates told us that they used to take water bottles and fill them up and tie them over the air conditioner vents to cool the water down till they were restricted from doing so.

Around the one toilet, there was a blanket that was up that was used as a screen to give you what little privacy you could get. People were lying in mats on bunk beds and on the floor.  During meal time, some inmates traded partial serving of their meal for each others servings.

The entire time though, the Lord was extremely gracious to us as He always proves to be. We were not harmed or threatened in any way. We were provided with many opportunities to witness when speaking with the inmates and some guards.  I find it very comforting knowing that God knows all and in a small cell sat two men that God’s Word says that He, “formed us in our mothers womb and knew us before we were even born.” Psalm 139 .  That through it all, He was in control .  Through all of this, many He receive all the glory.

I am thankful as well for my friend Jeshua and his encouragement that he gave me while locked up together.  I’m also thankful for my Friend Ben Dupre of the Foundation for Moral Law who worked to get us out of jail and who will be representing us in court.

People have told me what a blessing it is to be persecuted for His name sake. “Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Matthew 5:11.   We both are very blessed and humbled that the God of the Universe, the Creator of everything uses each of us for His will. Of all the billions of individuals in the world, I know far better people better skilled to deliver such a great message.

Our court date is July 13, at 8 am, please keep Jeshua and I in your prayers. Not only that the charges would be dropped, but that God would raise up laborers for His sake, not just to stand for life at abortion centers here and elsewhere, but for laborers for the proclamation of the gospel.  “Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” Matthew 9:38

Some have asked how they can help us. Other than earnest prayer, you can help support us by making a donation with our names attached for our court cost and defense fees to the Foundation for Moral Law who have taken on our case without charge.

Attached is a link to the video of our actions and of our arrest. Please share it as you will.            Youtube site

I very thankful to share with you the good news that God continues to allow us to do and I pray that he provides many opportunities to glorify His name where you are at.

Light the darkness,

David Day


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