An atheist comes to the Prayer Station

theeBefore I left the house Monday morning, I prayed the Lord would send me the biggest baddest sinner he could my way. While I did not have any that seemed to fit that description, we did have three atheists from Chicago, two whom were pretty big prove their foolishness while out with the Prayer Station this past Monday.

My brother Reggie began the conversation with them as I was talking with someone else. When I was done, I stood about and listened to Reggie as he spoke with the trio. Reggie was able to share the Ten Commandments with them to show them their sin and while one of them laughed and walked away, surprisingly, one of them admitted that he was guilty of breaking God’s commandments and would go to hell if he died, the third one Dan, said no and that God did not exist and he would not be guilty or go to hell. As I heard the conversation progress, I jumped in and Dan and I began to talk.

Dan gave all sorts of excuses for his foolishness. He mentioned that there are writing that predates the bible that tell of many accounts much like the biblical accounts that in his mind, show the bible and Jesus to be a farce. He asked that if God knows all things that He knows that he would reject Him and die and go to hell for all eternity, why he would still make me? On and on, he made up excuses for his rebellion. He said that all other religions will say they worship the one true God and would say we worship a false god. “What sets Christianity apart from all other religions?” He asked. Reggie replied “Jesus” and went on to explain the atoning sacrifice of Christ. ~ 1 John 2:2

There wasn’t much arguing with him, but Reggie continued and shared the law and gospel, but he remained in his folly.

Dan did make a few points that I have heard asked. “Why did not God just keep Adam and Eve from sinning? Great question I thought. In a class on Calvinism recently at church we discussed this. Indeed while many things do leave us with questions and we may wonder why? We trust in God and in His perfect will. But to think that if there were no sin, if God had indeed kept Satan out of the garden and indeed He could have and He could have prevented the fall, none of us would ever have known what grace is. Indeed we would never have seen grace in view of the cross of Christ.  We could have spent all eternity in heaven and be satisfied, but indeed, with all of God’s attributes, grace is indeed one we cherish and no one deserves.

I shared with Dan, some of what I learned in the class and again no reply to it, just another question.

I then asked Dan, “Could you be wrong about all you believe and say to be true?” “Yes, he replied. Then how do you know what you say to be true is true?” (I think I said that right)

Dan then directed my question back at me. My reply was that to have absolute knowledge and know what truth is; you have to either have absolute knowledge or know someone who does. Indeed God knows all things, every word before we say it, all our days were written in His book, when yet not one day had come to be. ~ Psalm 139

Dan then gave me a look at if I had gone crazy and told me he was not going to get into a logical conversation with me. Very soon after that, the sun hid itself behind some dark clouds, it began to thunder, and the bottom fell out drenching Reggie and I and chasing our atheist friends away.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Indeed pray for all we met this Monday at the station and may God be gloried and may He draw near to all for His glory alone.I normally will debate the existence of God with those who refuse to acknowledge what they already know to be true (that God exist). O have practiced like many of my of those who are active in sharing their faith analogies and reasoning’s to present to an atheist, but recently come across a resource that I am still learning an encourage all in obedience that share their faith to view this resource, “How to Answer the Fool” by Sye Ten Bruggencate”

Here is a brief description the dvd that is available from American Vision.

“The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.'” – Psalm 14:1

Not since the late Dr. Greg Bahnsen debated Dr. Gordon Stein in “The Great Debate: Does God Exist?” have we really seen presuppositional apologetics in action. And few have taken it into culture to show that there are only two positions, Christ…or absurdity.

But wait no more… Apologist Sye Ten Bruggencate takes this apologetic to the streets and Universities exposing the logical inconsistencies of the unbeliever (and dare we say some ‘Christians’) by showing that we don’t need ‘evidence’ to prove that God exists. For as Romans 1:18-21 declares:

“The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness, since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse. For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened.”

Produced as a cinematic film, How to Answer the Fool was adapted for use in small group and Sunday School classes, making it a useful tool for individual or group study. With an eye-opening, cinematic message, How to Answer the Fool deliberately and strategically teaches you how to defend the Faith; answering the call of Scripture to ‘be ready in season and out of season‘ in order that we may ‘…always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in [us].’

“Within a minute or two you’ll see highly intelligent college students stunned at their inability to answer questions about knowledge and ethics. This six-part video series is a game-changer, not only for the unbelieving world but also for Christian apologists who compromise the gospel by arguing for the possibility that God exists and not the certainty of God’s existence.” - Gary DeMar

“In this video, Sye Ten Bruggencate masterfully demonstrates the biblical way to defend the Christian faith. For far too long Christians have allowed unbelievers to pretend to be the judge and jury in the debate over the Christian faith. But God is the true judge. And apart from the Christian worldview, debates over any truth claim would not be possible. It is the Christian worldview alone that makes sense of those things necessary for reasoning: laws of logic, reliability of the senses, and the capacity of the human mind to be rational. In a chance universe, none of these things would make sense, and knowledge could not exist. The very fact that debate is possible is proof of the Christian worldview. But this isn’t just theoretical. Sye takes it to the streets, and shows that unbelievers could not know anything at all if their professed worldview were true. It is delightful to see the “lights come on” when an unbeliever realizes that his professed worldview just doesn’t make any sense.”

“Sye also shows the method in action in a radio debate setting. The unbelievers simply cannot answer even basic questions of truth on their own professed worldview. The fact that unbelievers do know things demonstrates that in their heart-of-hearts, they really do know God. But they have suppressed that truth in unrighteousness, just as Scripture teaches (Romans 1:18-20). If all Christians began defending the faith the way the Bible tells us to, recognizing Christ as our ultimate authority, it wouldn’t take long at all to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20.)” - Dr. Jason Lisle

Amid Tornados, praise the Lord ~ A thought from the Prayer Station

The Lord gave the opportunity to speak and pray with quite a few this morning at the Prayer Station alongside my brother Tom Hicks Jr. in whom I grateful to know and witness with. The thoughts of the incidents in Oklahoma were mentioned by many I spoke with. Even looking at the devastation and hearing of the loss of all that people owned and even the loss of life, God remains God! He remains sovereign and abundantly good! His word brings comfort and assurance when we see an experience such acts of nature, “Fire and hail, snow and clouds; Stormy wind, fulfilling His word” Psalm 148:8. We can recall the great flood and know that it was a work of His hand and while a great unsearchable number, men, women, & kids, perished in that flood, He spared eight. Not for anything that had done, but because He good and merciful, and because He alone is God. A great many more could have perished in Oklahoma, but many survived, again, not simply by the shelter that they sought, but by His mighty hand. How much more has He delivered us from what we do deserve, by pouring our well deserved wages because of sin upon His Son.

Psalm 148 gives a rightful response to Him and His glory which is to simply praise the Lord.

1 Praise the Lord from the heavens;
praise him in the heights above.
2 Praise him, all his angels;
praise him, all his heavenly hosts.
3 Praise him, sun and moon;
praise him, all you shining stars.
4 Praise him, you highest heavens
and you waters above the skies.

5 Let them praise the name of the Lord,
for at his command they were created,
6 and he established them for ever and ever—
he issued a decree that will never pass away.
7 Praise the Lord from the earth,
you great sea creatures and all ocean depths,
8 lightning and hail, snow and clouds,
stormy winds that do his bidding,
9 you mountains and all hills,
fruit trees and all cedars,
10 wild animals and all cattle,
small creatures and flying birds,
11 kings of the earth and all nations,
you princes and all rulers on earth,
12 young men and women,
old men and children.
13 Let them praise the name of the Lord,
for his name alone is exalted;
his splendor is above the earth and the heavens.
14 And he has raised up for his people a horn,[b]
the praise of all his faithful servants,
of Israel, the people close to his heart.

Praise the Lord.

The Gift of a Child

If I were to offer you a gift in a large box with pretty wrapping paper and told you that it would change your life, but you looked at it and said it was too big and that right now was not a good time to have such a gift. You mentioned that is was just to big and won’t fit in your car or your house. You tell me you believe me when I tell you tell you it will change my life, but… You make all sorts of excuses not to take the gift all while knowing that the gift is real and will indeed change your life.A gift

Psalm 127:3 “Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward.”

Every person that walks into an abortion clinic is without excuse and is fully aware that the child in them is indeed a baby. Every man & women know the deed that they do and that it is murder.

Romans 1:20 “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse”

Just as I know it is wrong to lie, to steal, and to cheat on my wife, all of us know murder is wrong, even before birth.

God says that He created man in His image.

Genesis 1:27 “God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

That He formed us in our mothers wombs and knew us before we were born.

Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…”

His commandments instruct us to not kill.

Exodus 20:13 “You shall not murder.”

And yes, God loves us indeed, but He hates too. He hates sin and hands that shed innocent blood.

Proverbs 6:17 “Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, And hands that shed innocent blood…

I use pictures at the local clinic here in Montgomery of aborted babies. I tell those entering of the life-cycle of a their child. I say everything I can to made their baby real, to make their baby more than what they have created it to be.

But every person that makes the decision to become a father and mother of a dead murdered baby by their hands know the truth.

They are there because they are sinners and have rejected the truth and Christ is not their Lord.

The whole issue of abortion is not a moral or women’s rights issue. It is a gospel issue. People are sinners, their hearts are wicked and their deeds are evil. The only remedy to end abortion is Jesus Christ.

For more on the the fight to end abortion please check out these few links below.. ,,

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Make it your business to win souls!

This morning I sat on my front porch looking as my neighbors came out of their homes. Some were caring for their lawns, some heading to work, and some just sitting on the porch as I was. My neighbors are nice and don’t cause any trouble. If anyone is were considered the weird neighbor on my block, I gladly take credit for it. But I thought of my neighbors and what would happen if they died. From what I know about them, I think it would indeed be hell. Sad isn’t it? Not sad that they would be simply in hell for eternity, but that just I knowing the possibility of such a fate for them, I remained sitting on my porch with a dry eye. As I am guilty of allowing my own selfishness and pride in this area of disobedience to God, I pray He would change me in this area. While I love opportunities to make much of Christ through the sharing of His gospel, and by no way I am making an excuse, this area of witnessing to those who are close to me is an area that is a struggle.

Maybe you are not much different. Maybe you too struggle with talking with those around you about Christ or maybe you struggle with talking to everyone about Him.But laying all fears and lack of confidence aside, consider yourself and those around you. Consider your neighbors. Some maybe you have talked with, your kids play with their kids. Consider their souls!

Think of their souls! Think of the torment they will endure without Christ! Would you sit by if you saw armed men breaking into their house as they sleep in the night or would you with great haste notify the police and try to warn them? What man would just sit by as that occurred? Cowards I must say, men with no backbone! Harsh words indeed but is there just an once of truth in them?

Charles Spurgeon said that, “The winning of souls should be the chief business and main pursuit of every true believer.”  To win souls is what we should be our aim!  Not the corporate ladder to increase our portfolios. Not to be simply liked by others for our stature or abilities,but to win souls!  Proverbs 11:30 tell is as well that, “He that wins souls is wise.”

It should be done not from guilt telling ourselves that, “I must do this simply because this is my duty.” But from the example of Christ. What we need is a garden experience as Christ had. “Not my will but yours.” Luke 22:42 As Christ so willingly was ready to give His life to do the will of His father, so should everyone who say they follow Him!

As Christ cared greatly to see sinners saved, we should be imitators of Him. Ephesians 5:1.

The excuse of not knowing what to say comes from our poor judgment of priorities and laziness! We study with great diligence when it comes to preparing essays for school or reports for our employer or when it comes to remembering those football scores, if we would have the same enthusiasm when it comes to memorization of scripture and the learning to win souls!

Moses and Jeremiah both complained as men often do when given a task that seems so far beyond their knowledge. “Who am I.” ~ “I am just a kid.” ~ “I can’t speak” God’s reply to them is the same for you and I. “I have put my words in your mouth” Jeremiah 1:9. God will give words as we show obedience to His Great Commission. He will be with us. Indeed we should show ourselves approved and use God’s word to open the eyes of the sinner and speak of the full meal of the gospel, but ultimately, salvation is a work of God alone.
2 Timothy 2:15, Jonah 2:9

We are just the means by which God uses to take His lifesaving gospel to the ear of sinners and He then takes it from there to their hearts.

Again my friends, Show gratitude that you have escaped a darkness with no end, that Christ stands between you and the God’s bow. That Christ is your Redeemer and has swallowed all the wrath you deserve for your for your crimes against God upon Himself.  Show gratitude by making it your chief business and main pursuit to glorify God by the winning of souls!

May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward for His suffering,

David Day

“Thank you for evangelizing”

Dear friends,

I find it a joy to share with each of you the great opportunities the Lord has provided me recently here in Montgomery Alabama to be able to share the glories of God with so many. The thought that the Lord allows me to speak His name and present Christ to others is indeed very humbling and a great delight to me. The task of preaching the gospel is something that I have found has no equal and brings me so much joy. I beg you that concerning the opportunities that I have that you would pray that they would increase as well as a compassion and zeal for the lost, not just in my life but of those of my family, the church entirely, and the dear friends that I labor beside. So allow me to share the opportunities given to me and prayerfully offer some encouragement to each of you to be bold witnesses and make much of Christ to those around you.

During the summer, the city of Montgomery began to hold festivals every second Saturday. Most of them got rained out, but the ones that stayed dry were a great place to witness. One second Saturday was very special to me. My youngest son was able to follow in the step of the rest of my children who go and witness with me at times.  I encourage you to involve your family in evangelism. Not just in witnessing at events, but where ever you go, give your kids a tract, read it to them and have them go and pass them out (close to you of course).

Most recently though this past Saturday I was just excited at the opportunity in my city to find a new and fertile ground where I will be able to plow the seeds of the gospel at. I had originally planned to go to the recently renovated football stadium in town, Cramton Bowl and witness as I had the week before at a local high school game. However had made a very good mistake as I see now and read an event calendar incorrectly and found out that there were no games this weekend. So I looked up Huntingdon College and saw that they were having a football game. I loaded up some tracts and arrived there about one and half hours before kickoff. The college is not a big as many others schools with football teams that I have witnessed at, but none the less, many people were there and if people are breathing they are in need Jesus!

So I found a good spot to open air preach and did just that. As I preached, I looked at those looking back and prayed for them that God would inflict His undeniable grace upon them and save them. Shortly however after I began to preach, a police officer showed up and asked me to move down the other way because someone had complained. I looked at where he was asking me to go and noticed that there were not many people down that way. So very politely and respectfully, I discussed with the officer my stance for being there and why I should be allowed to stay at the location I was at. The officer responded with kindness and respect and called his supervisor. I asked him if it was okay if I continued while his supervisor responded and he gave the okay for me to do so. So I continued as before, telling people about  what the scriptures say concerning God and the condition of their souls.

Finally his supervisor shows up and I was allowed to continue without incident. The officer only asked one thing of me though. If I would give him one of my tracts for his supervisor. To the glory of God I gave him one. Indeed I gave him one to glory to God!

I continued for some time reading God’s word aloud and passing out gospel tracts. Some great encouragement came to me from a lady who walked by and thanked me for evangelizing as well others who took a tract with delight. I left that day very encouraged and with a longing for the next opportunity to share His gospel with others at this location.

The Lord has also blessed me when I was asked to step in for one of my lay pastors at church a few nights this past month and speak at a local homeless shelter. The shelter is full of not just men, but women and children. There are some that live there and some that just come for a meal. The kids are a joy and very polite. I understand why Jesus loved it when children flocked to Him. They teach us so much, even in circumstances that we see as tough. This past Thursday when I was there, a child approached me and asked if I would be back the next day, for he wanted to sing a song about Jesus before I preached and then a young lady probed me for for answers for a bible study she was doing. When I first began going here I was really nervous, but returning has been something that I look forward to. The people seem so genuine and show so much thankfulness to be able to sit and hear the gospel preached. Please pray diligently for those at this shelter and the opportunity that I may have to continue ministering there once a month in the future.

I have been trying as well to keep a presence downtown and to be diligent when it comes to witnessing on a regular basis there. Each Wednesday at noon, I have had the joy of reading scripture aloud as part of Project Ezra aloud and sharing the gospel across from our court-square fountain. Many hear the gospel on this day and afterwards I will walk around and pass out tracts and speak to those that I can.

Some very encouraging news from being able to do this comes a few weeks ago when a young lady approached me and thanked me for what I was doing each week. She had worked in a nearby building and seen me a few times. I was very encouraged by her words and thanked her back. I then began to speak to her about her own salvation and it came to be that she had sin in her life and was struggling with some things. I was able to witness to her and encourage her as well to put God first and to trust Him above everything else. A few days after I met this lady, I saw the daughter of a close friend at the supermarket. She told me about a young girl that she works with that she has been trying to witness to that approached her a few days before and told her about a speaking with the guy who preaches in the court-square! My friend was delighted at the opportunity and we both knew that God was and is working in this young ladies heart. My friend’s daughter has since told me that they have met for lunch and continue to talk. Please keep this young lady that I will call “Mandy” in your prayers, as well as all who hears His word.

Another opportunity that I desire to share with you is that my pastor and I are teaching the Way of the Master Basic Training Course to a great group at my church that encourages me. We are heading toward our third week in the class and I petition you once again to consider praying for those in my class. That God would raise up faithful laborers that are bold!

My dear friends, writing these things down are a joy to me, because I get to remember not just the precious souls that I have encountered in the past weeks, but I am reminded of His goodness and His grace that he bestows not just in me, but all of us. How precious and sweet are His ways. The joy that he allows us to do, not for our glory but all for His alone! Oh the gratitude we all should show Him!

In the coming months, I have many more opportunities in mind. My heart has been pricked to go back out to one of the local college campuses that I hear are loaded with militant type atheists who need the gospel given to them, as well as many local football games where countless people gather. We have around four colleges in town that have in recent months opened or prepare to open new stadiums. This to me means people gathering and people who too need to hear the gospel of Christ. While your prayers are something that I covet greatly and am encouraged to know that many of you do pray for me, I ask that you would consider partnering with me locally to take the gospel to my city. Since the Lord has placed the desire in my heart to share my faith, I have been able to distribute way over 20,000 gospel tracts. Gospel tracts are a vital part of what I do here and are always in need. So again, please pray and consider partnering with us to supply gospel tracts and bibles for our outreaches. It is always greatly appreciated my friends. Any donations that you make can be done at my website , just click on the Paypal donation link.  Again, thank you.

Lastly, I will be heading to court on October 11th for a status hearing and on the 23rd for trial stemming from my arrest last June for walking on the lawn of the local abortion clinic after they continued to spray my friend Jeshua Screws and I with a water sprinkler. We had filed a motion to dismiss with the city for lack of a speedy trial, but the city has denied our motion. Please pray that not only would we be found innocent, but that the terrible acts of abortion will come to light through this case and that God would shut its doors for good and indeed save the souls of all involved.

I hope as well that you have been encouraged to share your faith boldly with others around you by these opportunities I have mentioned above that God has given to me. Indeed God is the one who saves. Salvation is the work of God. It is He alone who quickens the soul. Jonah 2:9. He is the one who deserves all the glory and credit. We are just the means by which He chooses to take His gospel of grace through Christ alone to the ears of countless souls then, He takes it from there to the heart of the sinners.  All glory to God alone!  Please do not hesitate to write or comment. Any reply is an encouragement. Thank you friends.

May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward for His suffering!

David Day

Moravian Heralds ~ Sold to Slavery

In the mid 1700’s there was an island in the West Indies off the coast of South America that was owned by a British planter. This island was estimated to have between two-thousand to three thousand slaves on it that labored and toiled in the hot sugar cane fields.

The British planter remains un-named but was known to have been a stern atheist. When it came to him and religion, he would boldly say that he would have nothing to do with it and that God was simply nonsense.
If any preacher or clergyman were to be shipwrecked on his island, he said that he would keep them separate from everyone else, that they would never talk to anyone on this island about God.

Well this story of this island, the slaves that inhabited it, and the atheistic British planter, reached parts of Europe and pierced the hearts of two of men from Moravia, John Dober and David Nitschman who were not considered exceptional men. John was a simple potter and David a carpenter.

Well the news of the slaves and the British planter grieved the two men, the fact that three-thousand slaves would live and die and never hear of Christ their Lord.

Now consider this. What would your response be to such news? That there are people who are without the gospel! Who may be considered “unreachable?” What would you do? If you knew that this wonderful news that we speak of so often and again at times, take for granted hearing it, what would your response be to the news that three-thousand people would live and die and never hear of Christ?

For John Dober and David Nitschman their response was unparalleled to anything I would have thought to do. These young men who desired to make much of Christ and see men saved, did the only thing they knew to reach the three-thousand souls of the West Indies. That was to become one of them.

The two young men sold themselves into slavery to the British planter. They did not offer their skills or trades to the planter for a short term mission trip in hopes that they might tell a few or all the gospel. They gave up their lives in order that they may have the opportunity to share Christ and see men saved.

Is the message of the gospel really that important? Is the message of the gospel really that good? Is the message of the gospel really worth such a sacrifice?
I tell you if it was that important for Christ to lay down His life to see sinners saved, then yes, the gospel is that important, it is that good, and it is indeed worth far more than we can comprehend! If it was that important for Christ to see sinners saved, then it should be just as important to all who follow Him, to each of us to do the same. And what excuse, what reason for not telling men how to be made right with God is acceptable?
On the day the two Moravian men were to depart and head to the island to become slaves, their family members, friends, and many loved ones looked on crying , knowing that they would never see the two men again alive.

As the ship left the harbor, one of the young men yelled the last words heard by them. Words indeed that should ring in all of our hearts as motivation to obey The Great Commission.

“May the lamb that was slain receive the reward for His suffering.”
My friends, this message is very good. Very good indeed.  It was worth the price and more the men paid to see the slaves of the West Indies saved.   Please my friend, make much of Christ and His gospel.  Look around you and wonder of those around you if they are on their way to hell. Then respond accordingly. TELL THEM OF CHRIST!

“May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward for His suffering”  Indeed may He!

Light the darkness,


The relation between my over grown yard and the killing of children through abortion

On Monday I arrived at Reproductive Health Services in Montgomery Alabama to a sight that brought me dread. Situated across the street from the abortion clinic rest a field that is often used by pro-lifers who come, but this morning there was no place to park. The small area had been taken up by those seeking an abortion. I counted around seven vehicles, three parked near the entrance that blocked me from entering and four parked along side of the road. However located across the street next to the clinic, rest another parking area that is reserved and owned by the local Downtown YMCA. We are not permitted to park there and do not, but those seeking an abortion will quite often ignore that rule and do so anyway.

Today seemed to be no exception. The clinic has their own parking lot that runs along the other side and rear of the building as well. That parking lot was full with cars even double parking to make room.

My friend Allen, who was with me, estimated around twenty–two vehicles of those coming to the clinic on this day. While the number of vehicles does not necessary mean that, that many are seeking an abortion, the number is usually not far off. In fact, I have seen many young women simply dropped off and go in all alone. But even if one lady came this  for an abortion, the cause would not be any less important or diminished if a hundred went in there to take the life of a child.
Now let me continue to paint a picture of the events that followed. After I found a place to park down the street, I stood outside and attempted to talk to those who were coming and going. One opportunity that I had was with a young man who had walked across the street to a nearby filling station. He stood on the small porch in the front of the clinic eating a bag of chips and drinking a soda. I spoke to him about being a father. That he was already a dad, even though he could not see or hold his son or daughter. I mentioned to him how great and precious life was and that in only twenty-one days after conception, a child has a heartbeat. That his child’s heart was beating. I tried to make his child as real as he or she truly was and that they were not just tissue or a clump of cells, but his child. I asked him what he thought would happen if he died today. I told him who God was. I explained how sin has separated all men from Him. That while He is most certainly good and loving and very forgiving.  He is also just and will not just simply forgive sin, that the wages of sin was death.( Romans 6:23) I elaborated a bit more on sin and told Him of Christ, which is what the young man truly needed. I don’t believe people come to an abortion clinic because they are simply seeking an abortion, but that they come because they do not fear God, they do not know Him, they are not trusting in Christ. The man never replied or uttered one word. He just continued to consume his soda and chips and later went back inside the clinic.

Sometime later he would exit with a young lady holding a small brown bag, which for us indicates that they have had an abortion. My head just dropped. I told them both that I hoped that they never returned to this place and to put God first, before all things and to trust Him and to turn to Christ.
He was not the only one the Lord enabled my friend Allen or me to speak to. As time progressed, couple after couple exited the clinic with brown bag in hand. One very thing about all these women who exited was their expression, one of shame and sadness. One young lady exited and curled her pullover toward her as to hug herself. The man she was with then put his arm around her.
The ones who exited before I had to leave, will be etched in my mind for times to come. A young couple who looked no older than sixteen years of age, brought there by, I assume the girls parents. Her mother looked at me as she exited and had been crying. She spoke nothing, but her expression said a thousand words. I believe she knew without question that she had just allowed her grandchild to be killed.

Time seemed to pass quickly. Before I knew it, it was nearly twelve o’clock. I had been there over three hours and many of the people had come and gone.  Before I left, a lawn service drove up and parked in the parking lot that belonged to the YMCA.  One of the workers came up to me and asked what I was doing as I was holding a sign. I explained to him the circumstances for me being there and was able to give him and his crew each a gospel tract.  Later on the same co-worker approached me and asked me a few more questions concerning the clinic and other things.  Through me being there that day and being able to talk with him, I was able to share the law and gospel with him and encourage him to turn from his sin and trust in Christ only for his salvation.

Now you may be asking, how does this all have to do with my over grown yard and abortion.      

Sometime ago my lawnmower would not start.  I made a good attempt to repair it myself, only to take it apart and forget how to put it together.  If you know me personally, this may be of no surprise to you.

Well after time, my yard began to grow. And grow some more.  My son would borrow a friends mower from time to time, but not often enough.  The result was a shabby ugly under-kept yard.  My wife and I would talk about our lawn. My neighbors did to.  Every time I came home from work or elsewhere, it was my lawn that I saw first and I kept telling myself, that I needed to do something.  But no matter how much I complained or talked about my yard. No matter if I prayed about it, my yard still remained a problem.  What it needed was action.

The issue that plagues not only Montgomery Alabama but this entire country and beyond is ABORTION.  It is without a doubt the worst thing that we as not just Christians but human beings allow.  We allow the legalized slaughter of our own race.  It is done for simple convenience the majority of the time.  I know many who would consider themselves PRO-LIFE and are totally against abortion.  I know many that  pray regularly for the slaughter to end and I agree with prayer, and that it is greatly needed and think that it is often neglected.

But simply being PRO-LIFE is not enough.  Simply talking about it, praying about it, complaining about, while all have their place, is not enough.  Like me complaining about my lawn. I can do all the said things above, but the grass still grows. I can do the same in turn for abortion, but the killing persist.  What needs to take place is action. People on the front lines. People gathering in front of clinics speaking in love to these ladies who are seeking an abortion. People boldly sharing the gospel with them. Because, as I previously said,  people do not come to an abortion clinic because they are seeking an abortion, they come because they need Christ.

A good friend Brian once noted along these lines to me. “How come, with so many churches in this city are there not more people out here? If one person from each church came and just stood, how great that would be!”  How true are those words!  Why do we allow such things to take place in our midst?

Gregg Cunningham, the Executive Director of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform said what I think is many the case. “Those who consider themselves to be PRO-LIFE do just enough to ease their conscience, but not enough to stop the killing.”  Ask yourself if this is true with you?    Is it as well that we are just to busy, or just plain lazy or just do not care?

As my pastor said this past week speaking of the reason so few share their faith, “Is it that we have forgotten how good the good news is?”   Have we forgotten how good the gospel truly is?  That the gospel really has the power to save?  If anything, an abortion clinic is an opportunity to share the glories of our great God to a lost world.

I know I ended this note hard and to some with come across and arrogant or judgmental.  I fully understand that not everyone has the ability to come to a clinic and stand. There have been weeks when I have been unable to go.  But just as we make plans for ball games, church picnics, doctor appointments,etc., make time, if not once a month to stand for life at a clinic.  Pray for God to give you not just a passion for the lost, but for the unborn.

Please take time soon, to check out  It is a short film. Thirty three minutes long. I pray it helps stir fire in you for this cause. A great resource that I think should be required reading for anyone who stands at a clinic is , “The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture.” Written by Scott Klusendorf.

Light the darkness,

David Day

“I will kill it now or kill it when it comes out”

“I will kill it now or kill it when it comes out.”  Those words aren’t words from some Hollywood horror film, but the words of a mother speaking  of her unborn child.

A few days ago, I sat listening to a co-worker talk about her children and mentioned that one of them was employed with a medical waste disposal company known as Stericycle.  If you have ever wondered what happens to the millions of babies murdered each year through abortion, this is the company that picks up and transports those remains to one of the numerous incinerators located throughout the country.   When I heard my co-worker mention that her son worked at Stericycle, asked her about where was the company located locally and wondered about her sons duties there.  I then proceeded to tell her the awful truth about Stericycle and its history with the murder of millions of  innocent children.

Her response was not one that was expected. Assuming it would be one of shock and surprise, it was a simple and confident ,”Oh, I know.” She was fully aware of the relationship between the two and seemed to show no disgrace of any kind that her son works for such a company.

I mentioned to her that the “waste” as it is called are babies but she insisted that it was not.  That it was just tissue. I argued peacefully that it was not tissue but a baby, telling her that after only 21 days after that child is conceived, that child has a heartbeat. She still insisted it was only tissue.

We spoke back and forth for a few seconds about abortion, mainly me telling her how cruel it was and that millions of babies are murdered through abortion each year.

I assume that after what she told me next, that some time in her life she may have worked at an abortion clinic. She told me that she used to have to sign and approve for women to have abortions and made a disturbing comment from a mother who she met once seeking to take the life of her child.

“I will kill it now or kill it when it comes out!”  

My jaw dropped in disbelief.  How could a mother even say such a thing. How could the very one who is suppose to be a child’s caregiver be so heartless and evil as to demand the killing of her own child that rest within her?  Imagine, if that precious child could have understood the hate of  its mother. Our conversation ended between us as she was called away to complete a previous task..

During the Second World War, Adolf  Hitler murdered 6 million Jews -men , women, and children.  He ripped them of all their rights, took everything they had, straight down to their hair, gold teeth, to their lives.  He cramped them in concentration and labor camps in conditions as one American Solider stated after the camps had been liberated, was filled with “sights, sounds, and stenches horrible beyond belief, cruelties so enormous as to be incomprehensible to the normal mind.”

As cruel and horrible as the acts committed by the Nazis, an act that may be greater was committed by the German people. They allowed it.  Many stood by and did nothing.  After the war was over and the camps were liberated, the American soldiers made those living near the camps to go inside an

d gaze upon the horrors that had taken place right in their back yard.  Many walked in smiling as can been seen by film and pictures, but only to exit in shame and despair knowing what they had allowed.

Abortion is in no other term murder. It is taking the life of another. A life that is created by God. “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart” (Jeremiah 1:5).   Knowing that such things are taking place and taking no action is depraved indifference meaning a “callous disregard for human life.”

 In my city alone, there were over 852 abortions done at Reproductive Health Services in 2012. This building rest next to the Montgomery Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), as well as the headquarters for a AME Zion Church.   It is surround by other ministries and just blocks from one of the cities largest churches and the Governors Mansion.  Many days I have seen the governor drive by, seen hundreds run or walk coming from the YMCA.  Church vans, school buses,etc and many others drive by every day not knowing the atrocities taking place within our city, or like the neighbors to the Jewish camp, just turning a blind eye.   

I want you to know, if you read this.  That this issue with abortion is not about being Pro-life, it is not a Catholic or Baptist issue. It is not a  Methodist issue or any denominational issue.  It is a gospel issue.  People are sinners. Our hearts are wicked and can’t be trusted. (Jeremiah 17:9) We are told to trust Him with all of our hearts, soul, mind, and strength.( Luke 10:27 )  If we are are truly trusting Him in that matter, then we would not be seeking abortions or being complacent to the fact that they are happening right in our back yard.

  For more on Stericycle, visit and to learn more about Hitler and his ties with abortion.     Lastly, yours or my views on abortion do not weigh against that of the Creator, God Almighty.  His thoughts on abortion is very clear to us in the bible.

“Even before I was born, God had chosen me to be His” (Galatians 1:15).

“For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb . . . Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be” (Psalm 139:13, 16). “Your hands shaped me and made me . . . Did You not clothe me with skin and flesh and knit me together with bones and sinews? You gave me life” (Job 10:8–12).

“This is what the Lord says—He who made you, who formed you in the womb” (Isaiah 44:2).

“Did not He who made me in the womb make them? Did not the same One form us both within our mothers?” (Job 31:15).

“In His hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of every human being” (Job 12:10).

“Children are a gift from God” (Psalm 127:3)

“You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13).

“He didn’t kill me in the womb, with my mother as my grave” (Jeremiah 20:17)

Never take it for granted…

  “I will never take it for granted again.” Those were the words of Mike, a man I used to work with some years ago that I saw walking this afternoon downtown as I was preparing to read the bible aloud as part of Project Ezra.

Mike walking away

Since I last saw Mike, he has spent some time in jail for tickets and fines and lost him home, his car, and was living on the street. Mike and I spoke for a bit and I talked to him about the things we hold dear to us. And within a blink of an eye, everything could be gone. Mike them proceeded to tell me of his misfortune, how he lost it all. And that if he ever gets back on his feet again, he will never take it for granted.

He misses having his own home and place to rest at night. I shared with him the law of God, how each one us are sinners and deserve nothing. That each one us us has sinned against God. As well as the good news of Christ, that through Him only are we made right with God.

Mike is a good guy by the standards of this world. Like all of us, He has made mistakes and his has cost him dearly. But as Gods word states, “there is none Good but God” Mark 10:18 and all of our mistakes have cost us dearly. As ” the wages of sin is death” Romans 6:23. We may not seem to suffer them at first, but God is just and will not over look sin. A price has to paid, the fine for our sins must be taken care of rightly and justly.

It is only through Christ is that possible. He is the only mediator between us and God. Only through Him are we made right with God. By His lifeblood that was shed on the cross, comes the forgiveness of sin.

Look at those things that we hold dear. Our cars, our clothes, our jobs, our money. One hundred years from now, our cars may sit in a junkyard, our clothes will be tattered and torn or just done away with, our homes will be occupied by someone else, all the money we made will have been useless.

The only thing that will be of great concern to any of  us one hundred years from this day will be whether we  are in heaven or hell.  As my friend Mike took for granted a simple meal or a pillow to lay his head down at night before he lost it all, don’t take your life for granted. You aren’t promised the next breath.

Listen to the words of Christ in Luke 13:5.. “Repent or Perish.” Turn form your sin, confess it before God and place your faith and trust in Christ for the forgiveness of sin. Read your bible daily, find a bible believing church and share your faith with all of those around you.

Lastly… Pray for Mike and another man that sat on a bench as I read the bible aloud at the Court-square, named James. James was homeless as well. He looked to be in his seventies and had real firm profession of faith in Christ. Please pray for these men, that God would continue to provide for them for this world as well as the next.

All for the Glory of God

21 Children Dead ~ Montgomery records its first murders of 2012

]Six days into the new year and Montgomery Alabama has had its first murder of 2012.

In the early morning hours of January 6, a number of individuals entered the building known as Reproductive Health Services that sits adjacent to the Downtown YMCA at 811 South Perry Street.  The individuals participated in an event that took the life of what is estimated as twenty-one children.

Charges “will not” be brought against the parents or the property owners or the other individuals responsible for the mass killing.  ~

At first glance of the reports of the murders of several children in the city, you may have felt remorse for them and outrage for those who committed such acts.  You might wonder why this was not spoken of on the news and why charges weren’t brought forth against those responsible for these heinous crimes.

The reason being is that the children murdered were not born.  In 2011, an estimated 852 children were murdered in the City of Montgomery at this location that has been opened for over twenty years.  It is fearful to imagine how many children have lost their lives to the actions by those whom are suppose to protect them.

It doesn’t make any sense, at least to me. My brain can’t seem to wrap around the idea that such acts actually occur not just in my city but anywhere. Why on earth would people allow such acts to take place? Why is it was legal to kill your own child, simply out of convenience or for any reason?

What concerns we as well is why are people standing up to protect the life of these children?  If you knew that a child was to be murdered at a specific location at a specific time and date, would not you stop all you had to try to rescue that child?   If you knew that your neighbor was murdering children next door, would you just sit in your Lay-Z–Boy and do nothing?

Every Wednesday & Friday morning, parents come and shell out over $500 dollars to have their precious child removed from their womb and thrown away as if they were trash.  If you have an internet connection and a printer, you can print off a coupon to save you some money on your abortion.

What ever the case may be, what ever the circumstance, it is never okay to kill a baby in the womb.

Please get informed and stand and stop this madness.   Pray for God to open the eyes of all involved, to raise of godly laborers, people with a passion not just to fight abortion, but who long after God.

Please check out ..A very powerful documentary that has nearly 2 million hits on Youtube and endorsed by many.

Abortions are performed every Wednesday & Friday morning, parents come and shell out over $500 dollars to have their precious child removed from their womb and thrown away as if they were trash.  If you ha an internet connection and a printer, you can print off a coupon to save you some money on your abortion. Pray and come and stand with us for LIFE between 7AM till 9AM those days.


Foundation for Moral Law to Defend Our Arrest At Local Abortion Clinic

In June I made you aware that a friend and I were arrested while outside a local abortion clinic. Today, the Foundation for Moral Law announced that their attorneys will defend the charges against us in court.  I am very thankful as is Jeshua for their support of us in this matter.

Please read their post concerning their support of Jeshua and I.


Psalm 139 tells us that it is God who formed our inward parts; who wove us in my mother’s womb. He is the author of life. The killing of children through abortion is murder.  There is no other way to explain it.  In Montgomery there are is on average around 16 to 18 babies aborted each week. That number is unthinkable, that even one child has lost its life simply because it is unwanted.

I encourage you to stand for life, either with us here in Montgomery or in your own hometown. In Montgomery, abortions are performed on Wednesdays & Fridays and we stand between 7AM and 9AM.  Counselors also stand on Tuesdays and Thursdays to hand out pro-life materials and speak to ladies seeking an abortion later that week.

Please pray the workers and abortionists at this clinic, that God would draw them to repentance and faith in Christ as well for laborers for the gospel.

Lastly, the Foundation for Moral Law is providing their services free of charge, which is a great blessing toward us. Please consider supporting them as they support us by praying for them, calling and offering encouragement by thanking them for their support 334-262.1245, or either by making a donation of any kind at 

I am very thankful and covet all of your prayers.

Light the darkness,

David Day

Parade Evangelism With My Two Year Old

On Saturday, my son Jonathan, who is just two years old and spent the afternoon at a local parade for the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  The parade stirred some controversy due to the sensitive issue of the south and slavery, but the event brought forth an opportunity that could not be missed to go out and share the good news of Jesus Christ.

My son tagged along in his wagon enjoying the breeze and some fruit and his juice cup.   The local police greeted him with a sticker to place on his shirt that resembled a police badge that he seemed happy to get.  As we made our way around downtown greeting onlookers and parade participants, we passed out tracts and had some good one two one conversations.  Our choice of tracts were the Good Test cards and the apparently not so popular with the Confederacy, the Lincoln Million.

With my son being as young as he was and having to keep him close, I was not able to pass out tracts to everyone or speak to as many people as I would have preferred.  We still distributed over 100 tracts and enjoyed a day out together as father and son and made a memory I know I will cherish even if he forgets.   Please commit those that received the gospel today to prayer, specifically Chris and James… Thanks

Light the darkness,

David Day

Prayer Station Friday Prayer Request 6/18/10

Prayer Station Evangelism

Free water was a good draw-card to get people to stop by the Prayer Station this afternoon with temperatures reaching a high 97° degrees this afternoon.  But man can’t live on bread alone or in this case, ice water; so along with the water, some tracts and bibles were available as people walked by our station.

Some walked on their way to lunch,work or to pay bills nearby at the power company.  Some looking for employment like Arthur that recently relocated from Tennessee that was looking for work in the hotel business or a group of joggers that haven’t learned that it isn’t wise to jog in 97° degree weather.

The Prayer Station offered many opportunities to pray and witness to people this afternoon.  Many walked by just looking trying to figure it out, asking questions and taking a few tracts and water, even if they did not have a prayer request.   Even as I was breaking down the station, an opportunity to witness came my way.

I was walking across the street to load my gear in my truck, when a car stalled in the road and I assisted a couple into pushing their vehicle to a parking spot, handing him a tract as I made my way back to my gear.  Later on as I continued to load up, the man that I assisted walked pass the station and I offered him some water.  He politely took some and questioned me about my station. I briefly told him what it is and how we use it.

His name was Gregory and come to find out, he was a believer in Christ  as well.  We spoke a bit about evangelism and church and I asked him if he had something I could pray with him about.  No short list here.  His car  just died on him, his house is in foreclosure, his wife lost her job and he is being sued.

I shared a testimony with him and assured him that God knows his situation and that every situation is an opportunity for God to glorify Himself.  That he formed us in the womb and knows each day of our lives ~ Psalm 139. With a few more words of comfort, I prayed with him and we both were able to sharpen each other through words of encouragement.

These are just a few examples of people I encountered on this hot afternoon in Montgomery.  While those that I spoke with and prayed for had many needs and needs that are important to God and to myself, man’s greatest need is that of salvation.  With everyone we speak with, we not only pray for their needs but question them if that need will be of importance to them 300 years from now.  Most likely not.  The only thing that will matter to any of us 300 years from now is where we will be spending eternity.  So to those we ask, where will you spend eternity?

Below is a list of prayer request.  Please remember not just those written down but the many that we just passed a tract to or just spoke to. I ask as well that you would pray for opportunities to witness and for laborers for this outreach and through it, God would be glorified.  Thank you…

  1. Mrs. Calloway ~ Finances & her appliances in her house have died.
  2. Rodney P. ~ Son of Mrs. Calloway, in jail for a crime in which his mother says he did not commit.
  3. Ms. Howard ~ Employment
  4. Ian ~ Mother & Father are going through some issues
  5. Bike Policeman ~ Catholic guy I witnessed to, pray for more opportunities to witness to him.
  6. Curtis ~ Looking for employment and a good wife
  7. Robert ~ Looking for employment
  8. Arthur ~ Employment
  9. Grace ~ Finances
  10. Kelly ~ Finances
  11. Marcus ~ Struggling with the lust of the flesh and being consistent in his time with God.
  12. Sarah, Peter, Allen ~ Prayer request from Scottish lady, her children
  13. Alyssa Abrego ~ Brain Tumor
  14. Matt, Shannon, & Stewart ~ Prayer request given by another lady for her children.
  15. Gregory ~ Finances, employment, situations with being sued and car troubles.
  16. Ricky ~ Salvation and a good wife
  17. Laura ~ Her business she just started and family.

While these request are specific, pray too that God would not only answer the prayers requested but that He would indeed draw each and everyone of these people to Him, saving them.

I plan on taking the Prayer Station out each Friday as times permits.  If you would choose to participate in helping the with station, please send me an email or contact me through my website at

As I have mentioned before, this Prayer Station is a great tool to use to share Christ.  If you would like to use it for your own outreach or church event,  I freely offer it to you. Just contact me about the details.

Until next time,

Light the darkness ~ David

The Sunday Special ~ “Free Beer and the Gospel”

Last night, A few of my friends and I went to the party at Riverwalk Stadium to spread the Good News.  Problem was that it was not accepted as good news to everyone.    I arrived earlier than my buddies and began witnessing by passing out some gospel tracts. The line was long and I was surprised at exactly how many people had showed up on a Sunday afternoon.

More than once, the tracts were either thrown back at me or all together simply refused.   I had elderly ladies of all people raising their voice at me about the sheer volume of tracts that were littering the sidewalks.  Apparently the tracts were being thrown on the ground as well. 

The party had been hosted by a popular jewelry store in town that partnered with the Flora-Bama Lounge and Package Store that is a popular attraction on the gulf coast.    One of the main attractions to this year’s event was the promise of “Free Beer.”   Mrq-FloraBama-Logo-Sm

 One man began to curse me out as well as make profanities using God’s name.   He accused me of being a Jehovah Witness.  I assured him that I was not a JW but a Christian that believes in Jesus and that we should share out faith.   He continued to rant and yell, calling me a JW.  I told him that he needed to turn from his sin and place his trust in Christ.  He flared up then getting in my face telling me that I was this and that.  He did attract the attention of others and I heard a few make comments that he does need Jesus.

  I moved on and continued what I planned to do, share the Gospel.  I spoke to an Angela that was drunk and was sure she would go to Heaven that cared little for what I had to say, as well as an atheist that has the same motto as other atheist, “I will do it my way!”

I decided to preach so I set my mic up across the street.   As I preached, I watched people’s reaction to what I was saying. My words did not seem to go over well with everyone.   I saw a few older men wave me off and I told them that they looked like they were up there in the years and that they may not have another thirty years left, they might want to listen.

I kept my message simple. What if today was your last day, where would you spend eternity?  Then into the Law and Gospel.    I moved on into the things  that God hates and that as believers, we should hate what He hates and love what he loves.    I must have said something offensive, I saw a bike policeman ride my way and ask me to stop preaching.  I was not breaking any laws and was in my constitutional right to share my faith.    

He said that people did not come out hear to hear me preaching. That if they want preaching they could go to church.    I asked him some questions and he had no desire to discuss his beliefs.  I checked my time and it was a few minutes pass the time I planned to leave, so I packed up and moved on.

Later that evening, I spoke to a few buddies that had got out there after I had left.  They had similar experiences.  My friend Kevin was confronted by an angry man that took the Gospel offensive and tried to fight. Kevin just stayed calm and fought back with the Word of God.   With the help of a persistent girlfriend, the angry man moved on.   Rob was another friend that was out there with Kevin.  He discussed with me about a few conversations with some people.

A couple that he witnessed to had struggled with adultery in their relationship. The two came out to the event and after seeing all the drinking and parting, were convicted and decided to leave and take no part in the festivities.  Rob shared his testimony with them and as he put it, they took it well.

My friends, opportunities are countless to share your faith.   Everywhere we go.  Not all people you witness to will take it well.   If they accept what you say or reject it, it is still a win win situation. The Gospel gets preached, God gets glorified.  We are not called to convert people, just to tell them. 

Go light the darkness,


Do you have time to “Tighten Up & Get Right?”

Get Right With God

Let me ask you something, how many days to you have left to live?  You can’t answer that question can you?   Truth is, no one knows the future or when their time is up and they die.   But if you knew you have one week left to live, how would you live it?  Would there be some things you could say you need to tighten up on before you go from this life to the next?

 I have spoken to many people that if you asked them,  ” Where would you go when you die?”, without hesitation tell you Heaven.  They would also tell you that they are not perfect and that there are a few things that they need to tighten up on or get right.

 A young man named Lorenzo that I ran into this past week was no exception.   He was sitting outside a local business on his break playing with his phone.  I approached  him and asked him just those questions. What happens when you die, where would you spend eternity?  What is the most important thing to you?

Lorenzo told me that when he dies that he would hope to go to Heaven.  I asked him if he considered himself to be a good person.  “There are a few things I need to tighten up on, but yes I am a good person,” he said.

I asked,” If God were to judge you by the Ten Commandments; do you think you would still be pretty good?”

His reply was yes and so I continued to discuss with him the Commandments and how Paul the Apostle called them a “schoolmaster” and mentioned that he” did not know sin, except by the Law.”   

If you want to know where you would go when you die, look at the Ten Commandments, and with that’s  said, one by one we went over them.

After reviewing them, he admitted that he had lied, stolen, used blasphemy, lusted therefore committed adultery, and been angry making him guilty of murder and dishonoring his parents. With this, I told him that he had broken the first commandment as well by not putting God first in his life.

         Everything came together for Lorenzo. He realized as Paul had, that the Law showed him his sin. 

With the knowledge of sin, he understood that he would not go to Heaven as though he hoped he would, but Hell, because he had broken God’s laws. 

After the Law was discussed we went on to talk about Grace.  I let me know that God does not want to send anyone to Hell, that it is His will that, “none perish, but have everlasting life

 He knew of Jesus and that he had died on a cross for our sins, but I still painted a picture for him to describe what really took place on that cross. 

Imagine being in a courtroom, you are guilty of a serious crime.  Someone said something bad about your mother and you pushed them and they fell to the ground hitting their heads on the curb, killing them.

JudgementNow you know what you did was wrong, you confessed and all the evidence and witnesses are there in the courtroom.  The judge looks at you and ask is you have anything  to say. 

You tell that judge that you know he is a good judge and a forgiving judge.  You apologize for your actions and are sincere in your apology and tell him that you have never done anything like this and will never do it again.

The judge looks at you and tells you that he is a good judge, that you need to be sorry for what you did and to never do it again, and because of his goodness, he sends you to prison for a crime you committed. 

I asked Lorenzo if that sounds fair and he said yes.   I said, “If that that judge lets you go because you said you were sorry and that you promised to never do it again, he would not be a good judge would but crooked?”   Lorenzo agreed.

God is much the same way, He can not simply let us free because we said we were sorry and promised to never do it again, that His ways are much higher that ours.

Lorenzo, I said.  The only way that judge on earth can let you free is if you pay the fine for the crime you committed.  But here it is, the fine is so great, you will never be able to pay it. 

I told him that as he was being lead off to prison for a long time, that someone comes into the courtroom and tells the judge to wait.  He goes on to say that he had sold his house, car, and everything he owned, just to pay your fine, so that you could be set free.  

   How would you feel toward that guy? I asked.   “I would feel good, grateful,” he said.

 I expressed to him, that when Jesus died on the cross, what took place was a legal transaction,  It was Jesus paying the fine for the crime we committed.The Cross

In the same way, we should be grateful as we would with the man that sold all he had to free us from prison.

I went on to discussed with him the importance of righteousness and living a holy life before God.  How the Bible tells us to be born again and that He would make us new creations.  That his tightening up and good works mean nothing, they are like filty rags as the Bible says. . That we need to place all our trust in Christ alone and to turn from all sin.   I shared with him a few more scriptures and made sure he had a Bible and encouraged him to read it everyday, that it would help him be more Christ like.

  Before I left him, I shared one last thing.  That I had met a guy named Shawn over a year ago that I had  told the exact same things to.   He said he had things he needed to tighten up on as well, but was not ready.  He had things in his life he was not willing to give up just yet. 

On January 1, 2009, Shawn became the first murder in Montgomery Alabama. He was shot and killed in a place known for drugs and prostitution.  Somewhere he should not have been.  Shawn did not listen to what was said to him, he was not ready to give things up.   What will you do with the words I have said?  

A few more words and we shook hands and off I went.

We never know who we are speaking to.  The words we say to someone could be our last or the last words someone else hears.  For the follower of Christ, engage in conversation with people and share your faith, for the one who says that have things to tighten up on, today is the day of salvation.  Trust in Christ and turn from sin.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

 To read about Shawn in my note, “24 Weekends To Live“click the link.

 Now go light the darkness,